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Go Green

Get back to basics. I think of antiques when I need a piece of furniture such as a cabinet or table. Sure it's easier to go to the mall and just purchase what I need, but there is also an additional cost - the cost of stress on the environment.

Buying an antique is recycling a treasure of the past...You not only get the cabinet you want, but you get decorative character, a conversation piece to show your friends, a piece that will outlast any new piece of furniture made today, and you also saved one more tree for the birds to sing in...

Antiques by Design Shows

Acadia Vintage Retro & Antiques Show

APRIL 23 & 24 - 2016

Antiquing at the ARC

AUGUST 20 & 21 - 2016

Vintage Retro &
Antiques Market

October 3 & 4 2015

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